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Spring Break Safety Tips

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Whether you plan on staying in town or traveling over spring break at Wrangler Safe & Lock we have some tips for you.  To help keep you, your loved ones and valuables safe this season!  We’re going to take a closer look at safety at home and out of town.  These tips are simple and easy to do – let’s begin by looking at safety tips you can use at home.

Spring Break Safety Tips : At Home

When you’re planning on traveling there are a few steps you can take to help keep your loved ones and valuables safe.  For example let your close neighbors know when you plan on traveling.  If a loved one is going to be staying alone or if you’re having a house sitter keep an eye on things this is also important for your neighbors to know.  That way if there is any unusual activity at your home it’s more likely that someone will notice.  Another thing you can do while away is be sure that valuables are securely locked away.  To learn more about 3 Places You Shouldn’t Keep Valuables check out our blog post.

Spring Break Safety Tips : While Away

While you’re traveling for spring break here are a couple tips to help keep your valuables safe on the go!  Many hotels offer in room safes for your belongings we encourage you to take advantage of that and secure your valuables while unattended.  When carrying your valuables with you be sure that they are secured in either a front pocket or a bag or pocket that zips/snaps closed.  This will help deter and prevent theft or losing belongings especially while in transit.

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When you’re traveling out of town there is no substitute for a secure home safe.  To learn more about the models we offer check out our page or come and visit our showroom!  Let us help you find the best option to keep your valuables safe while you’re away on spring break!