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Security should be top priority for any commercial business. A business is open to more security risks because it has higher exposure to the public. If you own a business, you need to do whatever you can to make your company as secure as possible. That means making sure that your business is secured with Grade 1 high security locks. Wrangler Safe And Lock Locksmith Pros provides complete locksmith service in Denver and surrounding regions. We can install and repair your high security locks to give your business maximum protection for your property and your employees.

Marks High Security

Marks USA introduces our new HI-SECURITY™ Cylinders Line!Features:

  • Prevents Unauthorized Key Duplication!
  • Resists Picking, Drilling and Bumping
  • Patented Key Control
  • Restricted Keyway
  • Lifetime Warranty (ask for details)
  • Hardened Steel Side Bars
  • Standard Key Machine
  • UL 437 Optional

Common pin tumbler cylinders may be compromised by picking, drilling or key bumping. For applications where a greater security level is required, we suggest using pick/drill resistant cylinders with multiple pin planes such as those with side-bars. Marks USA HI-SECURITY™ Cylinders are constructed with sidebars and are drill, pick and bump resistant.
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