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Car Key Replacement

car key replacement denver, lockout service denver, mobile locksmith denverIf you’ve recently purchased a pre-owned car you may have found yourself asking this question. “Why do I have only one key?” Unfortunately and inconveniently this happens all the time. Especially when you purchase your car from a private party they may leave you with one key and a lot of questions. Why is there only one key? What happened to the other one? Since vehicles are manufactured with two keys it can leave you asking questions. Fortunately this isn’t usually done as a trick or con. In fact most of the time when people trade in their used cars or sell to a private party they simply forget to add in their spare key. It’s fair to assume in some cases that the seller has honestly lost one and will not come looking for the car after purchase.

Car Key Replacement
It doesn’t matter if the spare key was misplaced by accident or unintentionally left behind having a vehicle with one key can be annoying. Not only do you have to keep careful track of your single key but if you go out of town. If for some reason you need someone to move your car or if a friend requests to borrow your vehicle you may be in trouble. Especially if you lend your car to someone who is less careful and they happen to misplace your lone key. What can you do? Is there a solution? In fact there is!

At Wrangler Safe and Lock we provide a number of car key replacement options. Including foreign and domestic, chipped and remote keys. Go here to learn more about what we have to offering when it comes to replacing your car key. Are you ready to add assurance and convenience to your life? Contact us today and help you get your car key replacement underway!