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Types of Home Security Locks: Know the Best for Your Home

Different Types of Home Security Locks

There are many different types of home security locks: It’s important to understand which one fits both your lifestyle, and is also the safest to protect your loved ones and home from burglary. In today’s blog post, we’re going to look at different types of locks, and the pros and cons of each for home security!

Types of Home LocksCombination Locks

Most locks are operated manually – when you physically turn the key, the mechanism opens the deadbolt. Electronic locks operate using electronics. Combination locks are just what the name implies – a combination of the two. When a code is pushed into the keypad, it sends a electronic signal that opens the locking mechanism.

Types of Home LocksDeadbolts

Deadbolts are one of the best forms of home security. A solid metal cylinder passes from the deadbolt, through the door, securely into the door jam and wall. In most cases, the security is lessened, not by the deadbolt itself, but from a deadbolt being installed in a cheap, hollow door. It is important to install a quality deadbolt in a well-designed, solid wood door. Otherwise, burglars can simply kick through a hollow door, gaining entrance to your home.

Types of Home LocksDoor Handle Locks

Door handle locks simply prevent the doorknob from turning, thus preventing access to the home. This is the least secure of all the locks, because it is very easy to break. Door handle locks are either knobs that you turn, or a button you push, located either on the doorknob itself, or right next to it.

Types of Home LocksElectric Locks

Electric locks work similarly to a manual lock, except they are operated using electronics, either with a key, or by inputting a code into a keypad. Manual locks work by physically turning the mechanism, as opposed to electric locks.

Types of Home LocksKeyless Locks

If you constantly lose your keys, then keyless locks might be a good option for you. Operated electronically, keyless locks open when a code is entered on a keypad, or when your finger is scanned. Keyless locks are most often used in commercial buildings, but can also be installed in the home.


Types of Home Security Locks in Denver: Call Wrangler Safe and Lock


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