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The Best Deadbolts for Denver Home’s Security

Learn about the best deadbolts for home security in Denver.If you are looking for the best deadbolts to secure your home, there are a few things to consider as you research. Deadbolts are an important part of security. In fact, according to an article on Angie’s List, most locksmiths agree that the deadbolt is “key to home security.” Here are a few tips as you work to find the best deadbolts for your home:

key-IconCorrect Installation is Key

If you have the most secure deadbolt lock made, but it isn’t installed correctly, then you might as well leave your home unlocked. In order to be secure, the bolt from the lock must extend into the hole in the door jamb completely. And, this hole needs to be reinforced with metal to make sure that it can withstand being kicked in. If you are concerned about home security, be sure to call an experienced locksmith to confirm that it is installed correctly.

key-IconReinforce the Door Frame

Even if you have the best deadbolts installed in your home, if your door frames are weak, then your deadbolt installation and investment goes to waste. Most burglars force entry rather than pick locks (which takes too much time, even for professionals). Be sure the door is strong and reinforced, as it will prevent burglars from simply kicking your door in.

key-IconConsider Your Home’s Layout

Another thing to consider is your home’s layout. If you have a reinforced door frame, a steel door, and the best deadbolts installed in your house, but you have an unprotected window on the ground floor – then you can be sure that burglars won’t go through the work it takes to hammer down your door. Instead, they’ll just break the window for easy access. Window sensors or reinforced windows may the best security option.

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