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Should I Replace My Locks or Rekey?

Shoudl you replace locks or rekey?Most people don’t think much about their locks or keys until something goes wrong. Maybe they got locked out of their home or car, or maybe there was a break-in attempt and they want to make sure their home or office is secure. Regardless of the situation, here at Wrangler Safe and Lock, we understand how important finding an honest Englewood locksmith is to you – we are here to help you make good decisions when it comes to your home or office security. A common question we are asked is: “Should I replace my locks, or should I rekey?” Let’s take a look at this common question concerning two very different processes:


Learn about Lock Replacement


When a locksmith replaces one or all of your locks, it means they will completely remove the existing lock and install a new one. If you’re considering replacing all your locks, consider working with a professional locksmith. There are countless types of locks, and it’s important that they are installed correctly for security purposes.


Learn about Rekeying


When a locksmith rekeys your lock, they are reconfiguring the tumbler of your lock. The tumbler is located in the internal part of your lock, and is comprised of many different openings, pins, and rollers. When a locksmith rekeys, they simply change the structure of the lock tumbler so that your old keys will be useless. Instead, the lock will be “reconfigured” to  a new key.


Which is Best for Me? Rekeying or Lock Replacement?


If you are considering which is the best choice for you – rekeying or replacing your locks, ask yourself these questions?

  1. Did You Damage Your Current Keys? (Rekey Your Locks)
  2. Did you Lose Your Keys? (Rekey Your Locks)
  3. Key Won’t Work? (Rekey Your Locks)
  4. Is Your Lock Damaged after a Break-In? (Replace Your Locks)
  5. Is Your Lock Antique? (Replace Your Locks)
  6. Do You Need to Upgrade Security? (Replace Your Locks)

If you have any questions about rekeying, lock replacement, or home or office security in general, please don’t hesitate to call us. We are here to help you with all your lock and key needs!


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