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Keyless Entry: Replacing Your Home Locks with a Keypad

Learn more about keyless door entryThere are many home security options from which you can choose. At Wrangler Safe and Lock, we can help you determine the best option for you and your family. While most people choose deadbolts, if you have a difficult time keeping track of your keys, keyless door entry may be a great option. Here are a few benefits of keyless door entry:

key-IconNo More Lost Keys

When you have keyless entry installed, you simply type in a code to unlock your door. That means you don’t have to keep track of your house keys anymore. There will be no more hunting for your keys (unfortunately, you’ll still have to keep track of your car keys – we can’t help with that!).

key-IconNo More Hidden Keys

How many of us have tried to find places to stash an extra key so a friend or neighbor can water the plants while we’re away? The hidden rock isn’t fooling anyone anymore, let alone a burglar. When you install keyless entry, you can simply give the code to people you trust, no more keeping track of extra keys!

key-IconNo More Copied Keys

You don’t need to worry about someone copying your house keys, such as when you left your keys with the valet or left your keys out on your desk at work. And, you don’t have any keys to lose, which means no one will gain access to your house without knowing the code!


Interested in Keyless Entry? Call Wrangler Safe and Lock


If you are interested in keyless entry and think it might be a good option for your home and family, call Wrangler Safe and Lock. There are many benefits to keyless entry, but there are also some safety concerns you need to consider before installing your new system. When you call, one of our locksmiths can talk to you about the pros and cons of keyless entry, and give you advice on the best kind of security for your home!



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