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Locked Keys in House: What to Do in Denver

Locked keys in house? Call a Denver locksmith

You just realized you made a mistake Locked keys in house is a common problem for many people due to busy lives, hectic schedules, and keeping track of too many important items. Thankfully, you don’t have to panic if you just realized that you left your keys in the house after locking the door. Here’s what to do if you locked keys in house in Denver:

Don't panicDon’t Panic

First, don’t panic. Locking your keys in your home isn’t the worst thing that can happen. Yes, it will delay your schedule. Yes, it’s another thing to figure out. But, there are people who will help, and there are ways to quickly gain access. The worst decisions (like breaking a window to gain access) are made when you are stressed and panicking. Stop, take a deep breath, and evaluate the situation.

Don't panicExtra Keys

Second, consider whether or not you have any extra keys elsewhere. Do you have one hidden in the garage? Is there a house key stored in your car? Does a neighbor have a key so they can water your plants when you’re gone? Think back to people who may have a key who can drive to your house to help you get access.

Don't panicUnlocked Windows

Keeping your windows unlocked is not advised, but if you accidentally did leave a window open, it will help you gain access to your home quickly. An unlocked window can be easy to shimmy through – just don’t take chances and climb to a second story or take any unnecessary risks. You wouldn’t want one mistake lead to a fall and a trip to the ER.


Locked Keys in House? Call a Locksmith for Fast, Affordable Service


Locksmiths are trained specifically for helping people with locked keys in house. And, most reputable locksmiths offer a mobile service, meaning they will be able to come to your house and help you gain access to your home quickly. While the locksmith is there, be sure to ask about any safeguards you can put into place to avoid this situation recurring. For example:


  • Ask them to make spare keys you can give to people you trust.
  • Consider installing a digital keypad so you don’t have to have a key to enter.
  • Ask about effective places to put spare keys that aren’t obvious (like “hide-a-rocks”)


If you locked keys in house, don’t panic: Take the necessary steps to gain access quickly to your home, and while working with a locksmith, consider having spare keys made to avois this problem in the future!

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