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Installing a Keypad Door Lock for Your Back-to-School Kids

Keypad Door Lock - Back to School ListIt’s that time of the year again: The air is getting crispy, apples are falling from the trees, pumpkins are being sold in grocery stores, and the school supply shelves are empty. While pencils, paper, backpacks, and clothing are on the back-to-school shopping list, there is something that should be added: a keypad door lock for your home.


The Problem of Lost Keys


It’s important that your children have a key to your house, especially if older kids get home before you arrive back from work. Unfortunately, giving keys to teenagers can result in a problem: Kids (and adults) are prone to misplacing things – especially small things like keys. We all have a lot to keep track of these days, and making sure you don’t lose a tiny key is the last thing on your mind. Losing a home key is inconvenient: Your kids won’t be able to get inside your house after school, and you may need to rekey your house, if you are concerned about security. What are you to do? We have a solution.


The Solution? A Keypad Door Lock


We live in a modern age: Phones are no longer connected to the walls (instead, they have fingerprint sensors), we can type messages from anywhere in the world (and, communicate using only emojis), and even pay for items using our phones instead of our credit cards. It’s a shame that most people don’t update their home security as well as their devices. When you install a keypad door lock in your home, you remove the need to even have a key for your front door. And, it’s much easier for kids to remember a number to get into the house than keep track of a set of keys. And, many keyless locks can be controlled via mobile devices – which most kids own and know how to operate!


Install a Keypad Door Lock: Call Wrangler Safe & Lock


If you are interested in installing a keypad door lock to avoid losing keys, call Wrangler Safe & Lock. Our locksmiths have years of experience, and will be able to talk to you about the pros and cons of installing keyless entry. Give us a call to learn more today!


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