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Choosing the Best Lock for Your Home’s Safety

Choosing the best lock for your home's security in DenverThere are many different kinds of locks you can use to secure your home. You may not have thought about it – after all, unless you’re a Lakewood locksmith or a burglar, you likely don’t give much thought to your locks. But, it’s important that you choose the best lock for the security of your home and your belongings. Let’s look at a few types of locks, and learn which ones are the best for security.


– Door Handle Locks

The least secure of all the locks, door handle locks are very simply constructed, and are therefore not difficult to pick. Door handle locks are contained in the actual doorknob itself. They are usually installed in bathrooms or inside entryway doors privacy is more the goal than security.

– Keyless Locks

Keyless locks allow a person to enter their home without a key. Instead, the door is locked using a mechanism activated by entering a code in a keypad. These types of locks are typically used in commercial buildings where multiple people need access. With keyless locks, you can give someone access to a building by simply telling them the code.

– Deadbolts

Deadbolt locks are most commonly used on homes. Deadbolts are made using a solid cylinder of metal. This metal cylinder goes through the entirety of the door, which makes it more secure. When they are installed properly, and all keys are accounted for, they provide a great level of security for most homes.

– Electric Locks

Electric locks look like a deadbolt lock and/or a keyless lock, but they are operated electronically. You use a key to enter (or enter a code), but the mechanism works differently than manual locks.


Which is the Best Lock for My Home?


As you can see, there are many lock options. Additionally, each type of lock has many different brands. There are always new types of locks coming on the market that utilize new technology. Deadbolts are usually adequate for every home’s security – the security problems lie not with the deadbolt itself, but with human error (such as losing your keys, not locking the door, etc). Each home and situation is unique, however. To choose the best lock for your home’s security, give us a call a Wrangler Safe and Lock. We love to help people find the best lock to keep their home safe and secure. Call us today!

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