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Buying a Home: Should you Rekey the Locks?

Buying a new home - should we rekey the locks?


You have good news – you’ve closed on a home in Colorado!  Now that it’s yours you’re bound to have a checklist of all the updates and details you want to do to make the property feel like home.  Somewhere between the fresh coat of paint and new curtains you might wonder if you should consider rekeying?


What is Rekeying?

Rekeying is a simple procedure that makes changes to your existing lock so it only works with a new specific key.  This is done by making changes to the tumbler, pins or internal configuration depending on the make and model of your lock.  We recommend hiring a professional who has experience rekeying locks to assure a job well done.


Why should you Rekey your locks?

While it’s unfortunate we live in a world where there are dishonest people who would take advantage of access into someone else’s home.  Especially if the home has had previous owners it’s important to consider the house may have history that is unknown to you.  For example while you may be careful and keep track of your home keys it’s not uncommon for people to often lose their keys – this could be anywhere a school, grocery store parking lot, at the dry cleaners.  There is also the case of homeowners lending their keys to less responsible friends or family members.   This opens up the chance of someone picking them up.


Wrangler Safe and Lock is right for the job!

At Wrangler Safe and Lock we have over 35 years of experience and have the expertise to properly rekey the locks on your home.  Bonded and insured we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our work.  As a family owned and operated company we understand the importance of keeping your home and family secure.  Let us help you protect your new home with rekeyed locks.

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