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Bonded, Insured and Reliable – Words that Matter for a Locksmith!

Learn why you need a bonded, licensed, and insured locksmith.When you’re looking for a locksmith do you know where to begin?  When an emergency hits how do you know the business you hire will be reliable?  Can you trust them with your personal belongings?  It’s important you find the right company for the job. After all locksmiths are invited into our personal spaces- our offices, our vehicles and our homes.  And we trust that they will do their job with professionalism and integrity.


Bonded and Insured: The Importance


What happens when that isn’t the case?  When you hire an unbonded or uninsured locksmith you put yourself at risk for unnecessary headache and hassle.  Not only are they not liable for any damage their work may not come with a dependable guarantee.  When your time, property, safety and loved ones could be at risk why take a chance? That’s why you should look for a locksmith that is bonded and insured.


7 Things You Must Know Before Choosing The Right Locksmith


When a locksmith is insured that means if damage occurs while work is being done their company as well as your property are covered.  Bonded means they will provide reimbursement in the case that any damage occurs.  It’s important to look for locksmiths with these qualifications (learn more about things you need to know before hiring a locksmith).


While bonded and insured are keywords you want to look for remember to take into consideration their reliability.  Take a moment to look over customer reviews online.  A great resource is to check their rating by the Better Business Bureau(BBB).  You can learn a lot about a business’ priorities by their BBB rating (more on BBB rating here).


At Wrangler Safe and Lock we strive to serve each individual with the highest quality of service.  Bonded and insured for your protection.  That’s a guarantee you can count on!


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