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3 Places You Shouldn't Keep Your Valuables

3 Places You Shouldn’t Keep Valuables

Treasures, heirlooms, valuables we all have them.  Even belongings that don’t have significant monetary value can still be irreplaceable to the owner.  While that’s not surprising what is surprising is where we store our valuables.  That’s why in today’s post we’re going to look at 3 places you shouldn’t keep valuables.  Let’s get started!


3 Places You Shouldn’t Keep Your Valuables

  • Under Your Mattress

This one is truly a classic.  As far as we know people have been storing valuables under their mattresses since the dawn of time.  After all it’s not going anywhere and you can tuck something under it in no time at all.  Unfortunately hiding valuables or important documents under your mattress can be a costly mistake.  Because it quick and easy to search if you are the victim of a burglary chances are it will be one of the first places an intruder check.

  • Dresser Drawer

Another classic just like storing valuables under your mattress.  Keeping valuables in your dresser drawer may be convenient and easy to remember.  The downfall of this hiding place is exactly like under your mattress.  Because it is easy to access an intruder will have no qualms about rummaging through your unmentionables in hopes of finding something valuable.

  • Out in the Open

We have saved the worst for last.  One place you should never leave heirlooms, treasured belongings or valuables is out in the open.  While this may seem like common knowledge most people make this mistake daily.  They do this by leaving belongs on their night stands or in decorative cases.  Unfortunately treasures left out in the open are fair game to intruders looking for something easy to steal.

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